Igloo /Furniture catalog cheats

September 19, 2009 by

Here are the Furniture catalog cheats

Better igloos catolog

The 1st newest hidden item – Piano (4000 coins)
Go to the second page where you can find the Velvet Rope, Circus Ball, Popcorn Machine and Ferris Wheel Chair. Click on the Ticket Booth then you can buy the Piano.

The 2nd newest hidden item – Bowling Pin (40 coins)
Go to the 5th page where you can buy the Construction Pylon, Bamboo Table, Bamboo Couch, Construction Sign and Bamboo Chair. Click on the red lights on the Construction Barrier then you can buy Bowling Pin.


Certainly there are many old hidden items on the September-October Better Igloos, they are the same as the Club Penguin Better Igloo 2009 Aug-Sept Furniture Catalog. There are the cheats and secrets for the Better Igloo 2009 Aug-Sept Furniture Catalog.

igloo upgrades

The Club Penguin Igloo Upgrades Cheats here:
New Igloo – Jack O’ Lantern (2700 coins). For a limited time only! Upgrade your igloo today! Note: All your furniture will be moved to storage when you upgrade. There are more Igloo Upgrades Cheats and Secrets for you.





Rockhopper has arrived

September 5, 2009 by

hi everyone

i’m not sure if you have noticed but rockhopper has arrived!

Click on be his friend and you can get a rockhopper sighned background!

Also he has got all his items on board the ship with a free non member item!

Thanx Pascoewatson

penguin of the week

August 30, 2009 by

This week’s penguin of the week is:

Jessy smith

jessy s



No cheats!!!! WHAT

August 30, 2009 by

There are no cheats in the new catolouge what!!!

Snow and sports



Fall fair

August 30, 2009 by

Check out the Fall fair it will be arriving on the 4th of september and staying till the 13th

It will be the 3rd annual fair!

Fall fair




August 30, 2009 by

Rockhoppper is coming to town look through the telescope!




August 30, 2009 by

Sorry we have not been posting this week we were on holiday in wales!



New pin and the contest winner!

August 19, 2009 by

hey guys , sorry the pin is late i have been very busy updating the site and makin a header for our blog any way hers the new pin!

it’s in the mine!

For sum reson i cant get a pic !

any way the winner of my contest is mitchy520 WELL DONE !

you will have a code emailed to you and you will have a chance to meet me!


Nath Bez

Club Penguin Riddle

August 16, 2009 by

Hi there

I have got a riddle for you!

If you get the right answer I will give you a card jitsu code and  a chance to meet me pascoewatson!

Here it is:

My first is in Head but not in ankle

My second is in pig but not in pug

My third is a noise a snake may make but it is only one letter remember

My forth is in nose but not in hose

My fifth is in eye but not in why

My Last is in nath but not in that

If you know the word email me at tamzinr@live.co.uk



Festival of flight

August 15, 2009 by

Hi there

Club penguin has now offically started it’s flight you can see it up in the air from the ice burg!


For non- members there is a free item in the plaza!

Free item

Also for members  you can get the free jet pack  by going into the forest on the balloon ride when you get to the top you can click on the box of jetpacks to have one.

m free item